Completing the Tax Forms

When editing your payment information in our system, you may be asked to submit a new Tax form. We are required to have tax forms for our partners to comply with US tax regulations.  Tax forms are required for both US and international residents.

The Tax Forms screen on your Dashboard will look like the following:


The specific form you will need to complete will depend on several factors including your country of residence.  If you are not sure which form to complete, please click the "Need help?" link at the  bottom of that screen. 


This will ask you a few questions and then recommend a form based on your answers.  Generally, most partners will complete either the W9 (US residents) or the W8BEN (international residents).


If you receive an error when clicking this link, try while in Incognito/Private browsing mode or use another browser, as ad and popup blockers can cause this questionnaire to fail.


If you have difficulties completing the form you are recommended, we highly recommend consulting a tax professional located in our country of residence.  For legal reasons, our support staff is only able to give general help with the tax forms process and cannot offer specific advice on how to complete the form.   You can reach out to us here.