Affiliate Deals and Sponsorships

Partners in Union for Gamers are welcome to pursue sponsorships and affiliate deals to generate additional revenue on your content. 

As you grow, companies may start to reach out to you directly if they feel your channel is a good fit for their product, or you may seek these out on your own through affiliate programs.  Many companies have an affiliate contact or page where you can inquire about partnering with them. These kinds of programs are fairly common with gaming companies especially, so it's worth checking out the brand you would like to work with and perhaps send them proposals directly if they don't have an established program.  Although many have requirements for a large audience and wide reach, many are willing to work with growing creators.

As these arrangements are usually done directly between the partner and the brand without our involvement, we do not require a cut of the revenue and only ask that you adhere to YouTube's guidelines when seeking and promoting brand deals.

Please note that if you plan on doing a paid product placement please read our knowledgebase article on how to properly display that.