Restricted monetization & videos "not suitable for all advertisers"


If you see a yellow icon next to something in your YouTube video manager, this indicates that your video has been deemed not suitable for advertisers, and most likely will have either limited or no ads.


To learn more about the Advertiser-friendly content guidelines, check out this YouTube help article:



 If you believe your video(s) have been falsely claimed by YouTube's automatic system, you may request a review which will have YouTube manually review said video. Keep in mind, they do have a threshold of 1,000 views in the past 7 days for your video(s) to be considered for evaluation. As of now this is unfortunately the only way to request a review. 


If you confirm your video is suitable for all advertisers, YouTube will give you a final decision on said content. They will usually have a response within a week. Generally speaking, they will contact you via email letting you know the final result. 

It's definitely worth noting, the system is still being improved by YouTube. They recommend to continue appealing videos that have been falsely hit so the system can get better over time. Deleting the video and re-uploading will not help. They made an article talking about this for gamers specifically:!topic/youtube/_kPXH5i4tWw