Why was my application denied?

When applying for a partnership, it is possible that our review team may find reasons as to why we cannot approve your application.  We understand that this can sometimes be frustrating or confusing, so below you will find a list of common reasons for being denied as well as explanations.  You also use this list prior to applying to ensure that your channel will not be denied for any of these reasons or to help you address issues for reapplying.

  • Your channel contains a copyrighted material

During the review process, your channel is extensively reviewed to ensure that it does not contain any copyrighted material and we take violations very seriously.  This can include, but is not limited to, footage from televised content (whether a show/news/sports), videos re-uploaded from other channels, viral videos, esports event footage, trailers (whether TV/movies/games), un-edited/no-commentary game cinematics/cutscenes, or uploads of songs or music videos.

For more information on copyright, please see our General Copyright Guide here, as well as YouTube's copyright guidelines here.

  • Inactivity

While we do not require our partners to upload a certain number of videos when partnered, we do require that a channel be active when applying.  If you have not uploaded new content to your channel in over 6 months, your application will be subject to denial.

  • Insufficient amount of gaming-related content

As Union for Gamers is a network that features primarily gaming and geek-culture related content, we typically partner with channels that also primarily feature this content.  We do not require applicants to exclusively upload this type of content, however, your primary content must be gaming, tech, or geek-culture related in some way.

  •  Your channel has unusual demographics and statistics for your channel content and location

During your review, we thoroughly investigate your analytics, demographics, viewer interaction (likes/comments), and playback locations.  If we find that your channel's statistics contain suspicious data, your application will be subject to denial.  

Example A) You and your channel's location is the US and your content is in English, however your primary source of views are coming from non-English speaking countries.

Example B) Your videos have thousands of views, but have no comments, or botted comments.

  • Can't receive funds via PayPal

Unfortunately, PayPal currently does not allow payments to be made to residents of certain countries.  As we currently only offer payments via PayPal, we cannot partner with those who are unable to receive these payments.

  • Cannot accept the YouTube Partner Program agreement

In order to monetize content on your channel, you must sign and agree to the YouTube Partner Program.  Currently, there are some countries that are unable to do this.  Because you cannot monetize your content or receive a network invite without agreeing to the YouTube Partner Program, we will not be able to accept applications from those who reside in these countries.

  • Content demonstrating how to obtain paid content for free

We take theft and illegal activities very seriously.  If your channel contains any content that shows, describes, or links to ways to obtain content that would normally cost money, your channel will be denied.  This can include, but is not limited to, obtaining services/subscriptions, in-game currency that can be purchased with real money, obtaining software or games, obtaining emulators and ROMs, or in-game items that normally requires purchasing.

  •  Content involving hacks, glitches, or exploits

We currently do not accept any content that displays or demonstrates how to hack software/hardware or perform glitches or exploits in online games or to obtain paid or in-accessible content (ie- items unlockable from ranking up).

  • Excessive sexual content

We understand that, in some games, it is impossible to avoid some amount of sexual content or nudity.  However content that primarily features sexual content/nudity, pornographic games or imagery, or sexual thumbnails/titles will not be accepted.

If you have and questions regarding your application being denied, please feel free to contact us here.