Verification Badges for Channels

A verification badge is a small check mark that appears by a channel's name.  This badge signifies that this is the official channel for that brand.  Having verification does not grant any special features, perks, or protection to a channel.  It is merely a visual display that the branding has been verified by YouTube.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify to a verification badge, channels must have 100,000 subscribers, custom branding (banner art and icon), as well as some other internal/private requirements set by YouTube.

Why do I see verified channels with under 100,000 subscribers?

The 100,000 subscriber requirement was added in 2016. Many channels were verified prior to this requirement with a much lower subscriber count. When YouTube increased the verification requirements, they did not remove the checkmark from any channels that had previously received the badge.

Submitting Your Channel

YouTube recently added to the ability for eligible channels to submit their own requests for a verification badge.  To access this submission feature, sign into your channel on YouTube and scroll to the bottom of the page to the page to the help button:

Click the button and type "Verification badges for channels" in the search box at the top of the popup window.  Select the article that appears.  You may also try accessing the Help article directly by going here.

If your channel is eligible, you will be displayed a button under "Eligibility Requirements" for submitting your channel to YouTube for review. It make take several weeks after hitting the subscriber requirement for this button to appear. 

If your channel is ineligible, you will be displayed a message letting you know:

Channel Name Changes

Please note that changing your display name on YouTube will remove your verification badge, and you will need to submit your channel for review again. 

Due to the fluctuating nature of YouTube's verification requirements, we recommend making sure you like your current channel name before submitting your request, as you may find yourself unable to submit your channel again if the qualifications are increased again after your original verification.