Accessing AudioMicro Sound & Music Library

Union for Gamers offers two different music & sound libraries for our partners.  These libraries provide audio files that are high quality, royalty-free, and cover a huge range of music genres and sound effects to use in your video production.

To access these audio libraries, visit your Union for Gamers Dashboard using the link at the top of the site.  On the left-hand side, click the bottom navigation link labeled "Music."


Once on the Music Libraries page, follow these instructions below to access the database:

  1. Click the orange "Access AudioMicro" button.

  2. On AudioMicro's website, click the Union for Gamers button under Provider logins.
  3. Sign in with your Union for Gamers account, or hit "Authorize" if you're already logged in.
  4. Once logged in, you will have access to AudioMicro's music library!


To find the right audio file for your video, you can use the general search categories on the navigation bar at the top and select your desired category:



Alternatively, you can use the search box in the middle of the page to hunt for music based on genres or keywords:


On the results page, you can filter further using the options on the left-hand side.  Click the large play.png button to hear each audio track.  When you've found the one you desire, simply hit download.


After you hit download, you will see this message:


Click the "Tracks Licensed Link" to access your files.  There you can choose download the tracks locally as either .mp3, .aiff, or .wave files.


AudioMicro issues 100 credits for downloading files.  These credits will go down as you save more music.  However, once you hit zero, it will auto-reload back to 100 credits.

Now you're ready to make your videos awesome with high-quality music!

 Note:  If you use an audio file from AudioMicro, you'll need to add the following attribution somewhere in your video description:

[music tracks]   Royalty Free Music by
[sound effects]  Sound Effects by