How to Monetize Live Streaming

to monetize Live Streaming, you have to make sure you enable it before going live. You can access your live events from your video manager. Once on the live events manager, there will be a button on the right side to create a New Live Event.


 Just like when uploading a regular video, there will be a Monetization tab along the top of the event page. Note the greyed money symbol also appears here to notify you that as of now, your event is unmonetized. To view and set up your Monetization, click on the tab.


 If you're familiar with the process of monetizing normal videos, then this page will look relatively the same to you. Change the Usage Policy to "Monetize this video in all countries" and sort through the options as you normally would. Note that again, the money symbol has now turned green.


 Make sure to hit save, and now your Live Streaming session will be monetized. If you need any other help regarding this process, you may want to see this YouTube article.