How Does a Partnership Work?

Partnering with a network is a great way to monetize your gaming videos.  By partnering with Union for Gamers, you will be able to earn revenue from your content by us selling ad space on your videos.  What's even better is that you also gain access to gaming-related ads that are exclusive to our network as well as ads that are targeted towards your gaming content.  Viewers watching gaming content are far less likely to skip or avoid ads that also feature gaming content, which in turn can mean more ad revenue for you.

In addition to being able to monetize your videos, many networks offer many tools and features that can be used to improve your content and help grow your audience.  In exchange for providing you these tools as well as dedicated support, Union for Gamers takes a 10% cut of your revenue, with the remaining 90% going fully to the partner. 

It is important to note that, despite many misconceptions and claims, joining a network will not cause your channel or content to grow on its own.  It is up to the creator to use the tools provided by the network to grow their own channel.

If you have any questions about networks or Union for Gamers in particular, please feel free to submit a ticket.