How to Leave Union for Gamers

Union for Gamers contracts do not have a lock-in period and you may leave the network at any time.

There are two ways to request release from the network:

Option 1: "Remove Access"

You can hit the "Remove Access" button located on your YouTube Studio Dashboard.  You may need to disable SuperChat and Paid Subscriptions to get this button to appear.

This unlink process is automated by YouTube and takes a full 30 days from the time you first hit the button to go through.  You can see your upcoming release date in place of the button after confirming.

Option 2: Support Ticket

If you wish to leave the network sooner, you can opt to send in a ticket to our support staff here

The ticket must come from the same email address you used when you applied with us, otherwise we will require an image of an identification card to verify you as the channel owner.  We will give you some basic instructions and ask you to reply when you are ready to proceed with the unlink.

In most cases, we can process releases through our ticketing system much quicker than through the automatic unlinking process.

After Release

Regardless of what method you use to leave the network, please be aware that if your channel is not in good standing you will not be able to receive invitations to join any networks after release.  In some cases, you may also be blocked from monetizing through AdSense as well.  This is a restriction on YouTube's end.  Some situations that might cause this are disabled monetization, or active copyright or community guideline strikes.

You can check your account standings and monetization status on your Features page to make sure your channel is in good standing before release.

Additionally, please note that your earnings data in your YouTube Analytics will sometimes reset when joining or leaving a network.  We recommend saving a copy of any important data to be safe before release.