Content ID Claims

If you receive a content ID notice in your email that’s associated to your YouTube account.  Here is what that email will look like when you see it in your inbox


When opening the email it will read as follows.  It will tell you the video that is being disputed by the content ID system, who the licenser is that has the content and a link to a page on your YouTube account to show you specifically where the content was found.


Click on the “Copyright Notice Page” link to see what is was.  The link will bring you to the specific point in the video where the content ID was identified, and will tell you the recording/copyright holders claimed usage. You can also go to to view these notices. 


If you click acknowledged, then all of your revenue for this video will go to the copyright holder from that point forward.  In this example, [Merlin] Ninja Tune Ltd will get revenue from this video going forward.  This is generally going to be your safest route depending on what copyright usage is being claimed. Seek advice from us if you believe you have a legitimate dispute prior to going that route as there are very serious consequences if the license holder does turn down your counter claim. 

If you choose to dispute the claim, please go to the next step....

Select which of the options  best represents your claim and why you should not have a content ID against your video.


Then you must acknowledge you understand what your reason was and validate it.  (The language will change based on the option selected, this one is for “Fair use” which will be 95% of the time for gamers)


This is the actual dispute screen.  Be 100% sure you can back up your claim or as stated in bold letters it can lead to termination of your entire account.  Be 100% ready to back up your claim with legal documentation from game publishers, legal documents, royalty free statements before hitting continue.


If you Acknowledged the content ID, here is what will happen to your video.  There will be a new tab on your video manager labeled “Copyright Notices”.  All videos here will still count against your total views and allow people to watch your videos, however you will not receive revenue from it after the acknowledgement happened going forward.  This is a compromise by copyright holders to not give a copyright strike which would put your partnership and channel at risk but allowing them to profit from their content.


If you chose to Dispute, Your video will not be monetized till the claim is resolved.