Change of Paypal Address

Your Paypal address can be updated by submitting a support ticket here.

Please include the following in your ticket:

  • The current PayPal address we have on file for you
  • The PayPal address you would like to change to
  • An image of your government or state-issued personal identification card

Please note that the requirement for Identification is mandatory, so make sure to attach it to the ticket or we will be unable to make changes to your information.  We can accept a variety of official identification cards such as national/state ID, driver's license, or passport.  If you are a minor, we can also accept identification matching your guardian on record.

Additionally, all changes to payment information need to be completed before the last day of the month in order to be updated in time for the upcoming payment date. For example, If you want to have your PayPal address updated for the January 10th payment cycle, you will need to complete the change request by December 31st.