Copyright Strikes

What is a Copyright Strike?

A copyright strike occurs when YouTube or another content creator deems that one of your videos infringe on ownership rights of a certain video. This results in the video being removed, and your account not being in good standing with Youtube.

In addition to these things, it also puts your partnership with the network in danger. In the event of a copyright strike to your channel, we will reach out to you and ask for all the information you can provide. You can go here to review any copyright notices you have. Unfortunately, YouTube does not tell us anything about a copyright strike, except that you have received one. It is for this reason that it is imperative that you provide all the information you can to us.


Steps you should take when you have received a copyright strike:

1. Go here: These are your copyright notices. This is where you can find what videos have received a strike.

2. Your video with strikes will look like this (highlighted by the red box):

3. If you click “copyright strike” you will receive more information on your what your strike is for.

4. From here, you have 3 options.

  • Submit a counter notification. This means you are going to submit information to have the strike removed by YouTube. This action should only be taken when you believe your video was removed based on a mistake or miss-qualification of the material in question, such as fair use.
  • Ask for a retraction. A retraction is when you personally reach out to the person who gave you a strike and ask that they retract it. This is used when the claimant simply made a mistake or was misinformed in giving you the strike. The best way to do this is to send them a message on Youtube’s personal messaging system. There you may discuss the terms of the retraction, like saying you will remove the video from your channel and not reupload it in exchange for the strike being removed.
  • Lastly, You simply wait till the strike expires. Sometimes, copyright strikes are valid and just. In this unfortunate event, you must wait for the strike to expire in 6 months.


What if the Copyright Strike is legitimate?

In the unfortunate case that the strike is genuine and cannot be removed from your account, your partnership with Union for Gamers will need to be terminated. YouTube policy does not allow accounts with strikes to partner with any network, and we absolutely comply to this.