Accessing Epoxy

Epoxy is a service that Union for Gamers offers to partners that assists in managing engagement with fanbases across multiple social networking accounts.  Using the service, you can sync up your YouTube channels, Facebook fan page, Twitter, and Instagram to share across multiple platforms, track comments, follows and fans, and use the tools and data provided to determine the best ways to reach your audience and grow your YouTube presence!

To access Epoxy, visit your Union for Gamers Dashboard using the link at the top of the site.  On the left-hand side, click the bottom navigation link labeled "Epoxy."


  1. Click the orange "Access Epoxy" button on the right of the page.


  2. Click the "Sign In With Curse/Union for Gamers" button.


  3. Sign in with your Union for Gamers account, or hit "Authorize" if you're already logged in.
  4. It will prompt you to enter your name, time zone, and accept their agreement to start setting up your Epoxy account.


Once you've created your Epoxy account, it's time to start linking your social networking accounts!  Start by adding your YouTube account.  If you have multiple Google and YouTube accounts, select the appropriate ones, grant Epoxy access and when you're all done confirm by hitting the "YES - Let's Continue" button.


If you have more than one YouTube account, you will be able to add multiple channels using the +New Channel button at the top of the YouTube page, then easily swap between channels easily using the drop down at the top.


To add other social networking accounts, use Epoxy's navigation bar on the left side of the page.


Simply log in to those accounts, and authorize Epoxy to use the information!

Epoxy has created several video guides to help you make the most of each of these platforms:

 To start sharing across multiple platforms, use the "Share" bar across the top of your "Overview" page.


This button allows you to create video clips, gifs, vines, image macros/memes from your content to share on other platforms, or simply send a message to multiple social sites.



Now you're ready to engage your audience, connect with your fans, and watch your channel grow!